Tahiti to Moorea Crossing Photo Gallery

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My GPS clocked rides of 10.5 knots!

Tahiti to Moorea crossing, Society Islands



Forecast: 20kts, 3meter seas. Day started calm, but the wind came fast and hard when it did, late for it's appointment with my sail.

between Tahiti and Moorea, Society Islands



We stayed together for a while after meeting up, averaging just under 7 knots.

Tahiti to Moorea crossing, Society Islands



I took photos of Henrick on Misty, and he of me, when we could see each other. We met up 11nm into the 17nm crossing.

near Moorea, Society Islands



Sometimes the sail is all they see.

near Moorea, Society Islands



One-handed low brace to adjust the skeg.

near Moorea, Society Islands



Let's hear it for the stern draw! So handy when you don't want to put the blade in on the downwind side or slow down.

near Moorea, Society Islands



Wind calming and destination in sight.

Moorea, Society Islands



Misty in front of the "most scenic island in the world" according to one of our guidebooks.

Moorea, Society Islands

This crossing was late August, 2012, as part of a sailing trip from Mexico to New Zealand. Blog at kayaktravel.blogspot.com
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