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Ginni crossing Tahiti to Moorea 2012
Flat Earth Kayak Sails are top quality, but it's the people behind them that really make them fly! Here are some of them.
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photo by Henrick Lindstrom

Designer & Sailmaker

Mick MacRobb
A dedicated work ethic, an appreciation for quality, a steady hand, and a generous spirit. Mick creates every sail in his home workshop in Australia.

Mick worked an adult apprenticeship as a sailmaker (for the big boats). His recreational background in kayaking combined with his passion for sailing, and the Flat Earth Kayak Sail was born.





World Traveler, Coach, Importer

Ginni Callahan
Ginni met Mick at the New South Wales Sea Kayak Club's Rock & Roll Weekend in 2009, and became a fan. Defying the name, she has since taken Flat Earth around the planet, sailing in the Pacific NW USA, Mexico, various islands and crossings through the South Pacific, and New Zealand. She imports and sells FEKS in North America.

Ginni is also a UKCC (BCU) Level 4 Sea Coach, ACA Level 5 Instructor, owner of Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, and co-owner of Columbia River Kayaking. Ginni's Blog




Accessory Designer, Coach

Mark Whitaker
Mastermind and builder behind the Sticky Pod temporary sail mounting system, Mark has made kayak sailing accessible to those who hesitate to drill holes in their kayaks.

Mark co-owns Columbia River Kayaking and is a UKCC Level 2 Coach. He offers kayak sailing instruction in SW Washington state. Contact Mark.
Mark's Blog


3 CZ sails


Paddlers, Coaches

Turner Wilson & Cheri Perry
Known worldwide for their Greenland rolling and paddling, Turner and Cheri tried out Flat Earth Sails on a vacation in Mexico, and were hooked! Kayak Ways website



Turner in Baja


Travelers, Owners of Savannah Canoe & Kayak

Nigel and Kristin Law
paddled 3,000 miles from Wisconsin to the Florida Keys - and then took on the even more ambitious project of writing a book about it. Other trips have taken them to Central America, Africa, India, and Europe. Nigel-"Love my flatearth sails... I have one rigged on my triple exped kayak,... works great and excited to jouney far with it soon. (photo of Kristin, from the back of their triple)
Savannah Canoe and Kayak


3 CZ sails

Expedition Paddler

Geoff Murray
In March 2011, Geoff and friends paddled across Bass Strait, the infamous water between mainland Australia and Tasmania. He used a Flat Earth Sail when the weather was right. He continues to travel and paddle on expeditions, recently in Greenland.

Geoff is responsible for introducing Ginni to Flat Earth Kayak Sails; indeed to paddling in Australia! His wilderness and landscape photography is well-known in Australia, and lovely.
Geoff's Bass Strait Crossing
Geoff's Photography



3 CZ sails


A Little History

Wind is an everyday companion when paddling in Australian waters, so it was natural for paddlers to reconnect the sail with the kayak (as it had been early in its recreational history with the Victorian era Rob Roy). Out of many designs, Flat Earth is the top of the line modern Australian sail.


Mick's sail

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